Dreams and Reality


I awoke from a crazy dream in the cold darkness this morning. Like Dorothy returning from her ethereal journey to Oz, I realized I am home again. The past is behind me, and I am the author of what I do with the rest of my time here on Earth.

While on my quest for motherhood, I had a near-death experience much like knocking on Heaven’s door. There seemed to be a place between dreams and life like in the movie Heaven Can Wait. From that day on, I have been determined to make the most from the limited time I will have in this mortal life.

We are all given the freedom of agency to choose for ourselves what paths we will take in life. We can become architects who design the plans for the creator to build our structure. For me, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others instead of racing around in an endless loop for a corporate giant.

We do not simply wake up one day to a new life. Creating our desired reality takes imagination, determination, a solid plan, hard work, and support. I knew my purpose in life is to teach and encourage. I discovered that getting my degrees would allow me to become a college professor with influence to empower my students to become who they are destined to be.

I had a dream. I acted as the designer of my own destiny. I used my freedom of agency to follow that dream. I crafted my journey through college. I worked extremely hard to achieve my dream. I am living the dream today.

What is your dream? What blueprint will you create? How will you use your freedom of agency to live your dream? Today is the first day you will begin living with purpose. Every decision you make will be deliberate and meaningful. Let me help you succeed!

While I have no control over how many more sunrises and sunsets I enjoy, I do have the ability to savor them with those that I love. I will make every day count, and I will appreciate the people who support me. There is no more time for idleness or excuses for mediocrity. We can be amazing!

Will you participate in making your own dreams a reality?

For more help, contact Dr. Trish http://www.allstaracademyonline.com

Trish Grad pic


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