Your Story Starts Today


Your StoryEveryone has a unique life story to tell. In fact, these stories can be radically different even with siblings in the same family. Most people are looking for others to take the time to hear and understand their lives.

My story is full of twists and loops. I grew up in poverty in the home a magnificent single mother of seven children. Although I excelled in school, the path to college seemed obscured. Even though my mum made me feel loved and special, I did not understand my individual worth or my divine heritage. I survived the brink of death, several life-threatening surgeries,relied on the miracles of medical technology to have children, worked hard, and fought to get through college.

One of the best rewards I receive as a college professor is to hear stories of adversity and triumph. I have the blessing of touching lives and leaving even the faintest fingerprints. Each of my students has a fascinating tale to share.

One man had taken a dark road and ended up spending some time locked away from his family and technology. As he started to rebuild his life and work for a second chance, he ended up in my classroom. He confessed his lack of experience with computers and the Internet. He needed somebody to believe in him and gently teach him his worth, his potential, and that his determination would bring success. This man saw the sunshine as he started down a brighter path.

Many of my students email me long after they have moved on in their educational journey and started to improve their lives. They love to share their successes; I love to hear the continuation of their unique stories. As an avid reader and writer, stories are my life. Every copper leaf floating on the wind, every dandelion wish, and every prayer is attached to a narrative.

Your story starts today! I anticipate the laughs and tears that will come with hearing where you stand, where you want to go, and how you plan to get there.

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