Dreams, Hope, and Faith


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I am very grateful for those words from our American hero Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he inspired me and countless others to follow our dreams by transforming our hopes into action.

My mum raised me to believe in Dr. King’s dream that all people gain merit on their character in a colorblind society. I appreciate the freedom to grow friendships with anyone of like mind no matter our outer appearance. My mum fought with the tides of change so she could stand tall with friends of all races, cultures, and celebrate diversity. I follow her footsteps to see the beauty in humanity.

Faith, as defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary (2014), has two definitions:

1. strong belief or trust in someone or something

2. belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs

While I have strong emotions about the second definition, I want to focus on the first meaning for this post. In Dr. King’s quote about faith, he defines it as an action by taking the first step. He did not say we should stand at the bottom of the staircase and hope we magically arrive at the top. He did not say we should be content at the bottom with just a dream and a hope to reach what is waiting at the top stair. He did say that we need to exercise our faith by taking the steps necessary to achieve our dream.

As faith is an action word, my mind springs to a vision of the People’s Princess otherwise known as Princess Diana. She remains a worldly example of charity and action. In all the tiny moments she connected heart-to-heart with those in dire need, she exercised her faith in a better tomorrow. Her beliefs that one person can make a huge difference in the lives of others shine as a beacon to all who have true charity in their hearts and dreams.

I had limited opportunity to better my world, your world, and the world of my family when I worked as a manager in the fields of retail and food service. So, I took my dream with a pocketful of hope and exercised my faith by going to college. Both of the role models above paved the way for me to work hard and achieve my dream. Today is one where I have endless opportunities to help others better their lives, their communities, and the lives of their children (or future children).

How can I help you take your dreams, with a handful of hope and an active faith, forward into creating something amazing?

Today it is time to get to work!

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