Dream a Little Dream


We all were asked at some point in our lives what profession we wanted to pursue as grownups. Children usually answer astronaut, police officer, president, doctor, lawyer, and teacher. Then we get older and taste the world a bit before landing in a job we tolerate just to pay the bills. For me, that job came in the form of working my way up the restaurant and retail ladders. Sure, my employers found me to be the perfect employee because I furthered their missions not my own.

Then I dared to dream a little dream of my own!

I dared to dream of going to college and becoming a professor of English. I dreamed of being as awesome as my own favorite college instructors. I dreamed of making good on my childhood answer of being a teacher. Here I am several years later living my dream!

What are your passions? What do you feel driven to do with your life? Where can you do the most good in the world? How do you turn this dream into a reality?

First you need to make a list of all the activities you enjoy and skills you currently possess. My list looks like this:

Activities                                             Skills

teaching                                          teaching

writing                                             writing

reading                                           reading

serving people                              serving people

singing                                           listening

bowling                                          multitasking

beach time                                   crafting

parties                                          cheerleading


You see that the things that match on both lists are what led me to earn my degrees in writing and teaching. I also use my skills of serving people, cheerleading, listening, multitasking, and crafting while wearing my teaching hats and supporting students on Allstar Academy Online. You might wonder about my crafting skills and how I use them. I teach people like you to scrapjack their hopes into reality by helping them discover their own path, learn to use their charts and compasses, and navigate safely to shore.

What are you called to do in life?

Our time on earth is not endless; although, we might live on forever through the legacy we leave here. Stop spinning your wheels for an agenda that is not your own.

If you are talented at listening and helping children, you might want to be an advocate or social worker. You might want to open a center for children to come for safety, love, and wholesome fun. If you are gifted at noticing little details, you might want to be a detective or a crime scene investigator. If you love working outdoors and are great at maps, you might want to be a tour guide. The sky is not the limit; your willingness to follow your destiny is the only thing holding you back.

Most careers are born from earning a college degree in a specific field. That is exactly how I came to be Dr. Trish.

Dream a little dream…today!

For more help, contact Dr. Trish http://www.allstaracademyonline.com

Trish Grad pic


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