Is Online Learning for Me?


Most people have heard of online learning. A fair amount of people are currently learning online. Some people like me have mastered online learning and graduated! One of the questions I most often here is “I do not know if online learning is right for me.” This is a valid concern to address.

First, you should list the reasons why you would earn a degree online. Perhaps, the convenience is a big motivating factor. You might not be close to a face-to-face college. Or you might want to chart your own learning journey. There are many reasons we want to school in our pajamas.

Second, you should look around for a college and program that fit your career path. There are many online colleges, so you want to first check for accreditation. You need to check to see what there programs offer you. Do not forget to check the price of tuition and if they offer scholarships or grants.

Third, you need to realize that online classes can be more demanding than sitting in a classroom twice a week. In those types of classes, students are usually spoon-fed information. Online learning requires you to actively seek out knowledge, discuss it with your class, and to apply it into your own life.

If you plan to work hard and chart your own destiny, online learning is for you. While it is a bit challenging, there are people and materials to help you achieve your goals and reach full potential. I know you can make it!

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